Eating disorders are multifaceted, complex and dynamic issues. As human beings we should strive to live in equilibrium within our environments, in essence living in a state of homeostasis and balance.

Cravings and addiction are quintessentially the basis and principle upon which the food manufacturing industry operate within. They have hired teams of elite professionals, food scientists, crafting new products annually that pander to our inner most succulent desires that are designed to target and stimulate specific regions of our tongue pallets, taste buds to be specific, which typically are the “sweet” and “salty” regions. These kinds of flavors elicit euphoria, producing states of elation when these certain foods are ingested. They cause a cascade of biochemical affects within our physiology, such as the release of precursor hormone dopamine which is the ” feel good hormone” (associated with the major role in “reward motivated behavior”), and these foods actually mess with our hormones as well!

When we consume these flavorful snacks/foods they send mixed messages to our body, “leptin” the satiety hormone and “ghrelin” the hunger hormone are disrupted, and now our body is biochemically deceived enabling us to eat in excess as oppose to functionally. This is detrimental and is definitely a significant factor that contributes to being overweight and the current obesity epidemic we find in western society in.

Using prescription drugs or any sort of pharmaceutical intervention to treat eating disorders should be done so with caution and you should always consult with your doctor before starting. As all drugs have long term effects and complications, and tend to create other bodily problems down the road in life whether 3,5 or 10 years from now.

Interfacing with pharmaceutical drugs as an means of intervention always has a degree of toxicity and burden it places on the body.

Remember the body is an intelligent design, self- sufficient and posses the prowess of self repair mechanisms. The medical’s model approach has transient effects at best, but to continue dependency over the long term can lead to some serious health problems.


Binge Eating
(Binge eating behavior)

I think almost everyone in the western world has undergone some sort of “binge eating experience” somewhere down the road of life (eating out at restaurants, snacks, junks foods,etc).

So don’t be so harsh or ashamed of yourself! -We are all guilty of it at some point in our lives. As mentioned earlier the foods we tend to binge on trigger biochemical response within the body causing feelings of elation, and this can be quite addictive! Binge eating can be thought as a manifestation of a few things, addiction, dependency, and insecurity. By holistically treating the mind, body and spirit we can ensure addiction, dependency and insecurities are taken care of appropriately.

Junk Food
Unhealthy, GMO, Artificial  Foods

In order to reverse any eating disorder and be liberated from the chains of food addictions, we need to have a more intimate understanding of the role of certain foods, triggers, biochemistry and ultimately learn how to leverage the body’s inherent nutritional needs.

We obviously want to swap our processed, refined and genetically altered food with REAL food! The first step would be removing food toxicity, addressing psychological aspects/stresses, influences and proper nutrition.

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